November 29, 2009

So we have a new web address. Blogspot has been fun; it has treated us well, but it was time to move on to greener pastures. We hope you'll come and join us there. The new page doesn't have quite as much information...yet...but I can promise that over the next week, our new page will be full of links to artists, pictures of past events, hopefully some video, and lots, lots more.

Thanks for hanging with Backayrt and we're looking forward to seeing you around the new hood.

Come on by:

November 24, 2009

New Mission statement for 2010?

We know its been a while...
And yes, we feel delinquent.

But exciting news is afoot.

Not only are we
co-producing an awesome event along with the CSNY Invitational

on December 17th and 18th
(more info to come very soon),
we are revamping our submission process,
creating unifying themes for our Summer Series events,
developing new ways to give back to our artists,
refurbishing our studio space,
updating our

Here it is below:

Read it, and let us know what you think!
Feedback is welcome...for now.

"A multi-disciplinary arts event on the last Saturday of the month from January to August, Backyart provides artists with a non-traditional space which emphasizes the absence of commercial pressures and encourages collaboration, community and the development of new work among NYC artists. Originally created in the backyard of a private home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Backyart has since expanded its commitment to the arts by providing studio space and materials for participating artists, teaming up with other companies and spaces to provide Backyart artists with more opportunity for exposure and reaching out to art communities in other regions of the US and Europe. For more information you can email Backyart at or check out our blog at"

please send your comments and suggestions to:

And share this link on your Facebooks and Twitters.
We are looking for as much feedback as people are willing to give.


October 27, 2009

Come start your Halloween off right with Backyart!!!!

Still don't know what to do on Halloween?

(drum roll please...)
backyart "Sweater Series"!
Halloween Hoopla!
October 31st, 2009
music, food, drinks, costumes, tarot, art, and so much more...
649 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(L train to Lorimer)


join us as we parade across the Williamsburg bridge!!!

A "parlor- esq" evening brought to you by art makers and booty shakers inside backyart's toasty warm studio space
Come join us in our studio space from 5pm-7 pm:

Still don't know what to be?
***Last minute costume making materials and workshops with our domestic queen and sexy seamstress Bodacious Bronwyn Flemming Jones!!!

Professional theatrical makeup by make-up artist Dangerous Diana Federico!!!

***Tarot Card Readings from our own Gypsy Vampire, Stephany Cardet!!!

***Music by The Hey!
(they rock out hard BTW)

***Housle, a short film directed by Tristan Love and James Longmire, winner of PBS Reel 13
(don't watch it yet!)

creepy art installations, delicious treats, candy of course!, goodie bags (of course), warm your belly up-drinks, and other things I am sure...

Then come join us as we parade across the Williamsburg Bridge into the big City:

(leaving at 7pm)

*** "Chapter 10: "Halloween" of Belated Apocalypse
written by J. Anthony Roman
New York City author J. Anthony Roman presents the next chapter of his 12-chapter novel in this, the tenth segment of a year long Backyart reading series. (in different spots along our parade)

***Live music either by a band or by you with kazoos, pots and pans, and tambourines!

and who knows... maybe baton twirlers, cartwheels, songs, and other festivities?!?!?

We will then be walking to see our own Max in a public reading of
Beautiful, by David Anzuelo, directed by Lou Moreno, going up at The Public @ 9:30pm on October 31st as part of LAB's Live Nude Plays series.
Come join us!!

and then go party hard!
What a celebratory day you will have had!

September 22, 2009

Come on by for backyart's first Sweater Series this Saturday!

(drum roll please...)
backyart "Sweater Series"!
September 26th, 2009
649 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(L train to Lorimer)
No Cover!!!
Donations accepted on a sliding scale from $2-100
Complementary shot of vodka or rum
Free treats and goodie bags * BYOB
A "parlor- esq" evening brought to you by art makers and booty shakers inside backyart's toasty warm studio space
"Chapter 9: Labor Day" of Belated Apocalypse
written by J. Anthony Roman
New York City author J. Anthony Roman presents the next chapter of his 12-chapter novel in this, the eighth segment of a year long Backyart reading series.

The Comedy of Liz Days
Comedian Liz Days will have you peeing your pants. Backyart requests you bring your own baby wipes.

"How to Kill Your Girlfriend's Cat"
written by Alan Fair, directed by Kevin Hall
(and featuring Backyart's own Max Woertendyke)
A short film that asks, "Just how far would you go for LOVE?"

September 9, 2009

Thanks for coming out and info on artists!

Thanks to everyone who came out for Backyart's last event of the 2009 "Summer Series"!
(We dodged a hurricane and had a great time if I may say so myself!)

And a huge thanks to all the artists who made it happen!
(We couldn't have done it without you!)

***If you wanted to share your thoughts on Mike Poblete's NY Monologues, but didn't have the chance to at Backyart,
feel free to drop us an e-mail and we'll make sure to pass your thoughts on to Mike.***

***Also, congratulations to participating artist Hannah Davis for winning the free headshot/portrait session raffled off by other participating artist Caitlin Greer! We can't wait to see the shots!***

If you enjoyed what you saw you can get more information about the artists:

J. Anthony Roman
Also check out:
A Situation on the Moon: 3 Plays that shine at night by J. Anthony Roman
@ Center Stage, NY
48 W. 21st Street, 4th fl
This Thursday thru Saturday, September 10th-12th @ 8:00pm.

One of the plays, "Last Chapter" is about Mikey and Gerald of Belated Apocalypse fame.
Go check it out! But close your ears for parts if you don't want any Belated Apocalypse spoilers.

Mike Poblete
If you had thoughts, compliments, criticisms or anything else about NY Monologues, you can write to us and we'll pass it along to him,
or you can write him directly at

Hawke & Owl
Hawke & Owl are currently planning to record this fall, so please stay tuned.
Until then, check them out @ Pates & Traditions French Restaurant on N6th & Havemeyer on Sept 25th!
Live Videos to be posted on our myspace soon!

Caitlin Greer
Check out her website,, for all your headshot/portrait needs.
Also stay tuned for an exciting interactive exhibition to be shown at Backyart later this year!

Craig Judelman
(fiddler with Alysha Shaw playing Middle Eastern and Balkan music)
Check out Craig's myspace:

IF you are interested in contacting visual artists Lucien Pellegrin or Hannah Davis, or Balkan Singer Alysha Shaw drop us an e-mail and we'll put you in touch!

Next Backyart
the premier of the "Sweater Series"

September 26, 2009


An interactive photography presentation by Caitlin Greer
Chapter 9 of Belated Appocalypse by Anthony Roman
Special Musical Guest

Make sure to follow us on twitter

Also - anyone interested in presenting visual or performative art during next summer's backyart events, or during our Winter Series (January-March), please contact us at this e-mail address.

We look forward to hearing from you.
See you next time!